Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Shoalin Temple

Bob says: Spiritual home of Shoalin Boxing and the location of the coolest kick ass school in the world. Thousands of kids are enrolled at the kung fu school where they are taught to kick somedys ass, fights in the play ground are encouraged and weapons are compulsory.
Ruth says: It was really amazing to see. The kids were so in time with each other and had unbeleivable amounts of skill. We saw them doing stuff with swords and spears, and some of them were as young as five. They also put on demonstrations for us, where one guy broke metal over his head, another pierced a pane of glass with a needle and another guy leant his whole body weight against two spears at his throat. Really scary stuff.


The Paranoid Mod said...

"Shaolin shadow boxing and the wu tang sword style... if you what you say is true, the shaolin and the wu tang could be dangerous. Do you think your wu tang sword can defeat me?".

And all that.

Helen said...

You are in a film aren't you? Are you sure that you didn't end up in the next Crouching Tiger film set just by accident. I know I should disaprove of young children with weapons but for some reason it sounds just too cool (maybe I'm a vicitm of the Orientalist mentality or some such thing ... bla, bla, bla ...) Anyway, now I really want to go to China! I think I will try and persuade Lizzy that we need to travel the silk routes when we retire like your godmother Anne (If your listening Lizzie!) In fact maybe all we girls can go Ruee and Mana and Abi too! Ooo now I'm dreaming!

Helen said...

p.s. Ric's comment is a quote from the Wu Tang Clan if you didn't know

Basquiat Scrawls said...

Wow, how cool is that! love the picture of them all in red, thinbk our Joseph could do with a dose of kung fu discipline for all his excess energy, somehow i think he's not quite ready for a sword yet. hope you're well. hugs, Amanda x