Sunday, 21 October 2007

Kunming - Hair styling

Bob says: The hair salon was yet another example of my fame in China. Where ever I go people want pictures, they stare, they point at this yorkshire superstar! Quite what I am famous for is another question, maybe my Salendine Nook High School Javalin record is regarded highly throughout China? Anyway, they insisited on the side parting which I feel is a good look for a superstar. During the washing and cutting surrounded by an expectant crowd, including the girl at the front of the picture who's first question after staring at me for a good 10 minutes was 'Are you married ' Ruth was asked whether her hair was 'made in america' astonished looks all round when she informed them it was all her's.
If your wondering what the V signs are for, apparently its for victory and it seems to be complusory when the chinese are in a photo.


Anonymous said...

A giant among men!!

Helen said...

I'm quite surprised you didn't go for the fluffy auburn afro look!