Sunday, 28 October 2007

Hoi An

Ruth says: Hoi An was a totally cool little place. If it hadn't rained so incessantly (apart from the half day that we were on the beach) it could have got very expensive. In Hoi An there are over 400 tailor's shops. You basically go in there and choose a design from a catalogue or stuff they have in the shop and then choose the fabric, and they make it for you super cheap. They even make shoes. It is great. I beat Bob at pool ( obviously he was only playing one pocket) which meant that I could have, in addition to the two skirts I had already had made , a dress and some shoes. Sadly however the rain made us leave before the purchases could be made, but I think we will definately be going back one day.
Bob says: rain dancing payed off. First decent game of pool ever with the wife. Surprising how good she can be with an incentive.
Ruth says: the town was also really pretty as you can kind of see.

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