Friday, 19 October 2007

Down the market in Wuhan

Ruth says: The market in Wuhan was quite astounding. There were bowls of frogs and snakes ( both of which you can see in the picture), and a million other different kinds of live animals including turtles to be used in cooking. It was really interesting to see but some of the methods of the Chinese for preparing the animals were really gruesome. We watched a fish being scaled before it was even killed!
We inadvertaently managed to order some of these rarer creatures when we were in a restaurant in Kunming. We ordered 2 dishes that we thought were squid and beef, but they turned out to be baby turtles and dog's tail. I just ate vegetables that night.
Oh and Helen, you are very right about the chicken's feet for snacks. They are everywhere.


lezza said...

hello you two this is a new learning curve for me never done this before so hope i've done it right your pictures are amazing never thought of going there before but would so love to see the moon hill or mountain bit that must be on my wish list glad youre so happy and sorry i've not replied before but hope to rectify that in the future now computer is fixed and can access e mail without too much trickery oodles of love xxx

Helen said...

That's what little boys are made of!