Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Ruth says: This is Bob enjoying one of the fruits of the lake. The food here is far better than in Kazakh. The terrified little boy is holding the snake that was around Father Christmas' neck.
Bob says: Other interesting facts about Lake Issyk-Kul: Length 170 km; width 70 km; depth 650m. The lake also never freezes despite winter temperatures averageing minus 24 degrees c. Issyk Kul literally means "warm lake".


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you are on the move again!Enjoy yourselfs. All the best Martin & Shalida (remember us from italy?)

Lisa said...

hmmm. what is that fantastic book you're reading??! glad you're still having fun

The Paranoid Mod said...

You're about 10 miles from the edge of the world, I think. Very cool.

I've just spent 20 minutes learning how to do a nice curved line on photoshop for your flight. I'll upload it when Helen wakes up.

If you google charyn canyon map you guys are the second hit!!