Thursday, 2 August 2007

Kalambaka and the Meteora

Bob says: Yer Greeks are famous for many things, feta cheese, smashing plates, using the tradesmans entrance.....etc. So why not these outstanding rock formations. In scale and beauty the meteora are on a par with Ayers rock, maybe even the Cow n' Calf.
Not content with the already superb rocks , yer greeks decided to build monastaries on some of the rock pillars, about 16 in all. How is anybodies guess, anyway it took them about 250 years.
These rocks are the single most impressive natural phenomona, baring the wifes behind, that I have seen on this trip.

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Anonymous said...

Bob, did you mean "baring" your wife's behind or was that a typo for "barring"? If the former, I'd like to point out that we have seen photos of the meteora but not your wife's behind - yet.

good luck from terry, winchester