Wednesday, 22 August 2007

More Alatau

Bob says: From the Alatau range to the South of Almaty you can see the great expanse of the Kazakh plains the next serious mountains are the Urals some 2000 miles north west, it certainly gives you an idea of how vast this area is. Further South and where we are heading are some very serious mountain ranges starting with the Tian Shan in Kyrgyzstan with peaks at 7000 metres plus connecting with the Pamirs and then the Himalayas, together they form the roof of the world. For scale castle hill is about 400 metres above sea level.
The stadium you see is the massive olympic ice rink situated in the foot hills of the Alatau. It is about the 4000 m2. For scale Bradford ice rink is rubbish!

Ruth says: This trip was slightly closer to Almaty. About 50p on a bus. We had a ride on a cable car too which was pretty cool although when we got to the penultimate lift they wouldn't let anymore people on, so we couldn't get right to the top- very disappointing (we'd already done a two hour climb and had another two hours back to the bus). The views over almaty were pretty spectacular as you an see.

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The Paranoid Mod said...

Helen says she had a lot of fun at Bradford ice rink so don't knock it.

Although, apparently, she had more fun at Hull.

So whatever.