Thursday, 2 August 2007


Bob says: Unfortunately we were pretty slack in Bulgaria and failed to take any photos. And due to a date we had with the chinese embassy in Bucherest we did not have enough time to properly enjoy it. We stayed on the Black sea coast in the resort of Sozopol for a 2 days soaking up sun on the beach and enjoying the very cheap cocktails and beers.
One of the best things in Bulgaria is the road side billboard advertising. There is nothing in Bulgaria that cannot be sold by a bikini clad beauty, usually super imposed over the advert with no real reference, anything from loft insulation to baked beans. Perhapes the finest example of these was the advert for watermelons, now there is only one way to sell watermelons, so I will leave it to your imagination..........happily the Bulgarians did not!
Ruth says: There were down sides to Bulgaria too. The toilets were the most diabolical things ever. Really filthy squatter toilets and crumbling down shower blocks that you can smell 100 metres before you reach them. But it is strange what you can get used to in a couple of days.

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