Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Bishkek and onwards

Ruth says: The top picture is the view from our Soviet style hotel balcony. Very wierd place that has been left to decay since its 60's heyday. We must have the only guests in this 100 plus room hotel. Most of the floors were in darkness.
Bob says: Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan was a 2 night stopover on our way to Lake Issyk-kul. Nice town. Not much to write home about so I won't. Got a very reasonable price for the four hour taxi trip to the lake. Turned out to be not so reasonable when the 20 year old audi broke down half way. Fortunately we were travelling with two very helpful Kyrgyz lads that negotiated another taxi with the original taxi driver paying the fare to the next town where we caught the bus for the rest of the journey. To give you an idea of costs, the taxi was 9 pounds and the bus one pound twenty. There was plenty of demand for our custom at the taxi rank in Bishkek. This is how the price scale seems to work:
Very cheap - 30 year old Lada that will definately not make it
Cheap - 30 year old audi that has a 10 % chance
Reasonable - 15 year old audi that may make it
Expensive - 10 year old passat that will make it
V expensive- 5 year old merc that will get there in comfort
Ruth says: The bottom photo is one of the road stops on the way. Oh and Bob forgot to mention that the taxi driver hit the car in front within the first five minutes of the journey.

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