Friday, 1 June 2007


Ruth says: This is just a little picture of some storks and their nests. We saw them all over the place in central Spain, on telegraph poles and churches and schools. I got very excited because it was like a book from when I was little. So, here is the picture that we had to take.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds amazing and I can only imagine that it's going to even more exciting! The blog fairly cheers up a dreary Wednesday morning in Edinburgh.
I'm particulaly impressed at your emerging camping skills Ruth! You must be very proud Bob!
I am however beginning to get a little suspicious though that you aren't actually towing a large trailer behind the truck due to the fact that not only do you have a different outfit on in all of the photos but you also have an extensive range of accessories!!
Very impressive!

Great to here all the news and send us some sunshine, it's bloody freezing up here!
Take care