Friday, 8 June 2007

A day's travelling

Ruth says: We spent a day travelling from Seville down to Marbella (in search of the Marbella Belles), through beautiful countryside. We stopped for a picnic near the stunning little town of Grazelema, and then onto Ronda which is perched on a 300 ft gorge : the bottom picture. We didn't manage to find the Marbella belles and ended up staying in the worst campsite in history.

Bob says: Our trip down to Marbella brought back memories of a cultural expedition i did with a pal of mine 'round the museums and churches of Spain. Folowing a tiring day taking in the historical and architechtural sights of the town of Fuengirola we retired to the local hostellry for a sherry and a rather interesting debate on the Spanish Rennaissance. Unfortunately our sherries were spiked by some rather unsavoury tourists with 15 pints of lager. This led us to spend all night in what can only be described as an English pub chatting to young ladies of dubious reputation from Essex. ( For clarification, this event was pre-wife). Unfortunately for my pal who for confidentiality, data protection and privacy shall remain nameless. Let's just call him Jonathan Houldsworth. This night of debauched drinking resulted in severe illness. Due to the shame we had to leave town and head for Ronda. On the way our discussion on Surrealist art was repeatedly interrupted by Jon (Gidds) vomiting out of the hire car window. On our arrival in Ronda we noticed the contents of Gidds' stomach had coated half the car leaving a pizza effect that was baked on by the hot sun.


SystemAbuser said...

hey, jojo says 'rutttthhhh' whenever he sees you!

GIDDS said...

You left out on arrival at said Rhonda, you deftly parked in a free slot on a busy street, and promptly went for a stroll, leaving me asleep in the passenger street.. to which i was rudly awoken not by a dustman but by half the town banging and rocking the car as it had been parked in the entrance to the largest underground car park in town.. i re-parked and due to the local brew consumed over the next 12 hours forgot where it was.. but that is another story..