Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Cooking with Bob

Ruth says(Bob is sorting out visas hence me writing): Helen this is for you! Here are a few pictures of Bob's Lamb with anchovies garlic and rosemary. There are many more pictures including the hot sizzle stage, then the barbeque oven stage, and then the de-glazing of the pan, but he reluctantly agreed to withhold them. So the top are the raw ingredients (all local of course) and the finished ingredient, and then a very satisfied boy. It was really delicious and i'm afraid we did eat it all. Bob even had the dutch people ( behind him in the picture) coming over to ask about his cooking, he was quite pleased. So there you go. There have been a lot of Bob's culinary delights on the trip so i'm sure you will hear about some more soon.

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Scribbler said...

Hi guys, sorry I haven't been in touch for a while, I moved flat (to the one downstairs - it's bigger) and our internet was only sorted out last night. The food looks yummy, I will have to see the rest of the photos when I come over to visit the big OZ! I have some lamb and may even make that this weekend, mmmm. I will read the rest of the posts tonight as I am off to work now but loads and loads of love, Helenxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx