Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The Sierra Nevada

Bob says: The main reason for our detour into spain was to meet up with the expat parents. We suggested a highly rated campsite in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada for our initial rendez-vous which happiliy coincidedwith a visit from Uncle Andrew from Australia. Mother Walker booked the luxury cabin, we camped and all was well set for a few days family fun. Unfortunately the definition of luxury in the cabin description seemed to be a shed with two bedrooms and a WC designed for contortionists. Amongst other things overlooked Father Walker was only issued with a standard bed . This led to a rather unfortunate incident, when under the sheer strain the standard bed gave way leaving the hapless Father wedged between the struts of the camp bed. In an operation of beached whale proportions Mother managed to extract poor Father from the standard bed. This harrowing event led to a fitful first night's sleep in the luxury cabin.
In the morning that followed reports were made to the owners and to their credit they acted swiftly. Apologies were made about the oversight about the bed and a new bed The Yankee was put in place. The owner assured Father would have no problems with the Yankee as it was specially designed for American guests, also adding that it testament to the structure of his new luxury cabins that the Englishman's momentum did not take him clean through the floor. By pure coincidence, around the same time as the bed incident a small earthquake was reported in the surrounding area.

Ruth says: as you can see we didn't have the best weather. The first morning on the mountain we found ourselves floating on a puddle of water. By some miracle the inside of the tent stayed dry, but we did have a bit of a waterbed effect going on.

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