Tuesday, 15 May 2007

A word on yer French

Bob says: Parisians? Think of every preconception you have about Frenchmen, unless of course you are French, and times by 10. Typical Parisian: barely a minute goes by without lighting a cig, shrugs shoulders raising arms with elbows at 90 degrees and hands out in a nonchalent manner at least 50 times a day, unhelpfully speaking French while clearly knowing English ( although as soon as the wife comes out with a bit of Francais, they will speak English), an indifference to personal hygiene and so on and so forth.
My point is that Parisians give Frenchmen a bad name. Apart from the odd nonchalant shrug frenchmen are none of the above. I write this while camping in the pyrenees near the Spanish border having travelled through much of France, and yer Frenchman is only too pleased to speak English to a language illiterate yorkshireman like myself, only too pleased to throw in a free tin of pate as i buy my foie gras at the market, and only too pleased to inflate my car tyres for free and to offer sound advice on directions that i subsequently ignored. Not only this, yer French have life sorted as it should be; pleasure before work, including 2 hour lunches, more time with family and friends etc. Ruth and i had a beautifully cooked simple meal for lunch, "Plat Du Jour", in the only cafe in a small village on the Loire. The cafe was mainly filled with local workers, all having the Plat du Jour consisting of 3 courses plus wine for just over 10 euros. A cheese board was passed around from table to table before dessert, and everything was very civilised. I´m pretty sure this would happen every working day. How nice is that? We (the British) have got a lot to learn from yer French.


SystemAbuser said...

Can't wait for more 'Bob Spots'! Keep em coming! You will be able to write the most informative guide to the world by the time this trip is over.

SystemAbuser said...
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PIxie Princess said...

Hey guys, just got updated on the travelling so far! All sounds amazing, I particularly enjoyed Bob's latest take on the French folk! Keep on trucking!

Fakhra x