Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The Pyrenees

Ruth says: after a long drive down, leaving the Dordogne in the pouring rain we got to the most beautiful campsite in the world, ever. It was right up in the pyrenees, about 1000metres above sea level. We were surrounded by snowcapped peaks, the sun was shining, the bathrooms were heated and there was a free Sauna. What more could you want. We took this opportunity to do a bit of walking, and so for the first time ever i bought a pair of walking boots. This is a big deal. The last couple of times i have climbed mountains, it was in flip flops. As you can see from the photos it was absolutely stunning. The first walk we did was very very hard. We managed to lose the path and we ended up scrambling up the rocks on our hands and knees (the rocks you can see behind us in the photo of the two of us. That photo is taken on the way down hence the happy faces.) We didn´t quite reach the peak, although we got to about 2500 metres. It just got to the point where we´d either have to scramble over snow or rock climb. But the stunning views were worth it.
The second walk was to the first of our "1001 natural wonders to see before you die" (thank you Nina and Nial) : The Cirque De Gavernie. You really can´t see how amazing it was from the photos.
Bob says: Imagine taking Malham cove in Yorkshire, times it by 10 throw a load of snow at it, add the highest waterfalls in Europe and add a hundred foot gorge to the river running from it. And that is pretty much it.
Ruth says: we still have blisters.

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