Tuesday, 15 May 2007


Ruth says: The top photo is the little village, about two hundred metres from our campsite which was again on the banks of a river. It was where the Dordogne and The Vezere converged.
The other two were taken on a little canoeing trip that we did down the Dordogne, where Bob managed to steer us into a tree and nearly capsized the boat.

Bob says: The extravagent Dordogne. Everything in the Dordogne appears to be luxurious, not least the food. Whatever your thoughts on the production of Foie Gras, I think you will all agree, my sister-in-laws included that it is worth it. We blew our daily budget on a visit to the Foie Gras market in Sarlat-La-Canada. We do have a photo of this but the wife refused to let me put it on because her face looks funny on it. Women!

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