Tuesday, 15 May 2007

The Loire

Bob says: The magestic Loire. A very royal river, surrounded by Chateaux, that whilst very beautiful charge a fortune to get in. I much prefer the lovely rolling countryside as it costs nowt. We camped on the banks of the Loire river that was about 170 yards wide at the point of the campsite. I know this beacuse i creamed a 7 iron from outside our tent to the opposite side. ( For non-golfers let me explain...I hit a golf ball, striking it perfectly with a no. 7 golf club) Thus enabling me to win a bet with the wife. She did the washing up that night. The following night i did the washing up following a dubious defeat to the wife at crazy golf, not saying she cheated...but she did!
Ruth says: The bottom picture is from the town Amboise, a little way from our campsite where we spent the morning in the market buying a hundred and fifty million different kinds of dried meats, and then had traumas when we couldn´t find a shop open to buy wine. It was after 12 on a sunday. It was all right in the end though and Bob finally got over the panic when we found a very nice pattiserie that just happened to also supply the all important wine.

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SystemAbuser said...

I have been to that very campsite, that's spooky, well, only a little. :) x