Sunday, 2 September 2007

Trek day 4- Down the Arashan Valley

Ruth says: We had an unexpected night spent in Altyn Arashan when we arrived at 6 in the evening and were told that it was another three hours walk to the end. Fortunately we were offered a bed and dinner in a guest house (we had run out of food by lunchtime) and there just so happened to be some hot springs there where we could take a gorgeous bath followed by a dip in the freezing river.
Bob says: This walk presented some of the most spectacular and picturesque views that we have ever seen. It was certainly worth dragging the bag around. For clafication I mean the rucksack. One bad point was the soviet petrol stove that we hired, having two settings: flame thrower and candle. All very well if you want to torch a village or light a lantern but if you want to boil river water, highly frustrating. The hairs on my arms are just starting to grow back.

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Basquiat Scrawls said...

Wow! Such beautiful views. Me and Hel went camping in Friston Forest last week which was wonderful but i feel you guys worked a far bit harder than us trekking that far and got the views to match it. We didn't see any wild horses but our camp was visited by an animal of dubious origin in the early hours, the jury is still out on whether we heard a very large dog of a wild boar so to avoid unneccesary arguments it has been dubbed the pig-dog. lots of love to you both and keep travelling safe xx