Sunday, 9 September 2007

1st night in a Yurt

Ruth says: this is where we stayed the first night. The insides as you can see are really lavishly decorated with loads of carpets and rugs and it's really quite cosy. We got to sample more traiditional Kyrgyz food, namely the gorgeous fresh cream and jam with bread- just like a devonshire tea, and the perfect antidote to too much mutton stew. We also tasted kymys- fermented mare's milk. It tastes just as you would imagine. A sip was all we could manage.
After dinner the little table was cleared away and bed made up of piles and piles of the rugs and blankets. It snowed all night, but was really cosy and warm. The two Israeli girls in the picture were doing the trek with us.

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Mum Dando said...

So glad you two managed a good anniversary celebration. We thought of you lots. On Sunday I was at Anne and Francis' 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration and on Saturday we were at Granny and Granded's 60th! Hope you two make it thus far happily. Meanwhile I'm thinking of spending the month of August next year in Kurgystan so I can go down two dress sizes for Jonathan's wedding on 6th Sept! Hope Flight to China goes well. Much love to you both Mum Dando xxxxx