Sunday, 9 September 2007

At Lake Son Kol- evening

Ruth says: it was pretty beauiful as you can see. The little tiny shed thing in front of the mountains was the toilet which was best to be avoided at all costs, and the yurts were our home for the night.


Basquiat Scrawls said...

Wow. The further you travel the more beautiful the world appears. I thought i had a quite ambitious list of the places i wanted to see in my head already but it is being extended every time i read your blog. Although i think i could live without ever experiencing goat carcass polo! Hope you are both well and get safely to China. Jess is back settled into her new class at school and i am trying hard to get wean myself off novels and on to serious dissertation prep. Plus as predicted by many the summer has come back now school has begun again, bloody typical! big hugs Amanda x

Helen said...

I was going to just say WOW! But I see that it was Amanda has said and so i would be unoriginal so instead I will say, goodness me, that is really quite stupendous!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx