Monday, 16 July 2007

Montenegro - Kotor

Bob says: Kotor is on the banks of the largest Fjord outside Norway in Europe. The town is one of many walled citadels along this coast line. If you can tell the difference between a Fjord, a harbour and a estuary then write in and let us know! This place is also part of the setting for the latest james bond, that in my opinion is not quinticential bond ( bond should never fall in love and women should largely play damsels in distress or sex objects - thats just the way it should be) .
Ruth says: Ignore the idiot .


The Paranoid Mod said...

Sorry Ru, being 10 books through the Bond series over the last couple of months, I'm with Bob. Bond sees women as charming wastes of time, but never as equals. He's not really a very nice man, something they had to change for the films.

Anyway. It all looks gorgeous. I love the fact that Serbia's navy had nowhere to dock when Montenegro got independence...!

Helen said...

Ignore the idiot. Biggest pile of rubbish ever written.

Amazing scenary though.