Monday, 16 July 2007


Bob says : We drove through Albania down to where we had been told the best beaches in Europe were, they were not wrong. Deserted sandy beaches where you can camp, and we did. You may have noticed the concrete bunkers on picture 4, these are a relic from Albania's past isolation from the world. They are literally hundreds of these on the coast and around border that used to form albania's first line of defence. Their main use now is for Albanians to make sweet love - alot nicer than shooting invaders!
Ruth says: We did a big of four wheel drive off roading to get down to this beautiful deserted beach. WE arrived in the dark and had to put up the tent in the light from the car's headlights. It was unbeleivably windy however and after trying in vain to sleep for over an hour we both decided that the only way to get to sleep with the tent rocking so badly was to get very drunk. We then proceeded to drink the rest of a bottle of Armangnac that we had in the car. It worked but Bob's sips were a bit bigger than mine hence the photo of him above the next day.
Bob says: Incidentally, never fall asleep with only factor 10 on your white ass. Sitting was a problem in the days that followed. Also, the wife was sick after the brandy!

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Helen said...

Aw Ruee, you don't look at all well. I noticed that your pickup is still very clean, have you been polishing the fender?