Sunday, 30 December 2007

Koh Phi Phi

Bob says: The top beach picture was where we stayed and the other pics are some islands off phi phi were that movie 'the beach' was filmed. Exactly where I am standing complete with a squirrels tail around me chin, Leo de Crap was stung by a mozzie!
All is not as it seems in paradise. Post Tsunami, Thailand has been re developing this coastline at an incredible rate. Unfortunately, all inclusive resorts, 7 elevens and macdonalds have been given free reign. Ruth visited Phi Phi before the Tsumami and says that the island has lost much of its original beauty, accommodation on the island was pretty much restricted to wooden hut bungalows set amongst palm trees, now there are a multitude of concrete eyesores. And Phi Phi is supposed to be a National Park! This unfortunatly is the tip of the iceberg. Whilst in Krabi our Thai climbing instructor told us that following the Tsunami many people not only lost their houses, friends and relatives; Apparently in Thailand there are few laws relating to land ownership if you do not own a building on that land, so following the destruction the developers moved in and the people had to leave! I kid you not!! Along this coast nearly 9000 people lost their lives. I can't imagine how many homes were destroyed. It is the saddest thing I have ever heard!!

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