Thursday, 6 December 2007

Climbing in Krabi

Ruth says: We had an incredible week in Krabi. It is not really a place where you can away with sitting still for very long. There is so much to do, and all the bodies on the beach are carved muscle. Along with kayaking and jungle trekking we decided to do a rock climbing course, Krabi being one of the top spots in the world for climbing. It was the most exhausting and terrifying and fantastic and painful experience ever. Bob and I are both completely covered in bruises and scratches from the rocks, the ends of our fingers no longer have any feeling in them, and we now know why the bodies on the beach were so fit. The views from the top of all the climbs were stunning and every day we got better and better; by the end of the course we were doing 35 metre climbs (see the pin prick photo, 3rd down, of Bob 35 metres up). The bottom photo was taken after we climbed up into a cave, came through to the other side and then abseiled down. Scary stuff, but so worth it.
Bob says: If you are still trying to find me on the picture, I'm the one climbing....In the grey! At this point a few monkeys were looking up taking notes on how to do it.
Ruth says: the fourth photo is closer up of the 3rd one but a bit higher up the rock. In the third photo Bob is above the tree to the left a bit, and to the right of a shelf in the rock face.

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