Sunday, 18 November 2007

Phnom Penh

Ruth says: We made two trips to Phnom Penh; when we first arrived in Cambodia and then after our trip down to the coast. As with all the other South East Asian capitols there is chaos all around, manic traffic, crazy markets and a million different sights and smells. However in amongst this manic hustle and bustle there are a few spots of peace and tranquility. The bottom photo shows the guest house where we stayed on our second visit. It was on the lake front, and the pwerfect place to sit and chill out.
The three top photos are of the market. There are lot of very interesting food choices in Cambodia including crickets and cockroaches and chicken embryos. Unfortunately we didn't have the camera on us when Bob sampled a deep fried spider (tarantula sized). He really ate it though...quite disgusting, but he said it just tasted of soya sauce.
The fourth photo shows the commonest form of public transport in both Vietnam and Cambodia, the motorbike taxi. There are usually two of us perched on the back behind the driver, but we've seen four or five people sometimes squeezed onto one bike. That photo was taken at a moment when the traffic was quite tame. It can get a lot worse than that.

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