Sunday, 4 November 2007

Haggling in Nam

Bob says: Haggling is part and parcel of travelling in Asia, pretty much everything will require the pre requisit haggle, in fact if you accept the first price without a haggle the seller always looks slightly confused, probably thinking that they have started too low! So to avoid this dissapointment to the seller, I always haggle.
So far the kings of the hard sell have been the veitnamese, the women in particular, their haggle involves acting of the highest order and the full use of the femine wiles, it can be difficult to defeat. Here's a step by step guide:
1) Seller sets the price, you offer 10%
2) Seller responds as though you have just suggested a night of illicit love with an animal (stand firm, many give in straight away)
3) Seller changes tack, touches your arm, smiles and compliments your good looks (a dangerous time for in the haggle, you my fold at this, be strong)
4) Seller now offers 50%, more smiling and batting of eyelids.
(Don't be fooled stick to the 10 %)
5) Instant mood change, seller looking very sad almost crest fallen as if you have just informed her of the collapse of her home (you have come so far, don't fall at the final hurdle)
6) Its time for the No.1 tactic in your haggling armory 'The walk away' (remember do not hesitate the seller can spot your weakness for the haggle like a poker player reading your tells)
7) Seller cries 'why no buy' as if anguished by the death of a loved one, before quickly going down to 20%
8) A quick barter down to 15% if your a real pro, seller makes sale, smiles all around.
9) Walk away happy in the knowledge that you have just saved 50p and prepare to be surrounded by other sellers of street crap that can see you are a soft touch!

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mark@sally said...

the fool does he not know who he's dealing witk