Sunday, 27 April 2008

Myall Lakes N. P.

Ruth says: This gorgeous national park is just a couple of hours North of Sydney. We watched dolphins surfing just off the shore on this beach which was amazing. We saw sea eagles and wedge tailed eagles and dingoes and black cockatoos.
This was our first camping trip in Oz with all of our camping gear. We had a proper bed again which was wonderful, and even got to use our shelter cos it rained on the first night. The bit of land we were on had the ocean on one side and lakes on the other, and since there had just been a period of two weeks where it had rained at least once every day the lake was rather high and was about two feet away from our tent when we woke up after the first night of rain.
The two top photos are the views from the headland at the tip of one of the beaches.


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Hi Guys, it looks amazing. It seems like you are on a constant holiday from here!

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