Sunday, 29 April 2007

The Trip

Ruth says: So this is the big journey. We are travelling to Australia via practically the whole of the rest of the world. Well not quite, but most of Europe and Asia. We have packed and repacked and whittled down our belongings to the bare mininum although we are still carrying a Le Creuset frying pan, a mortar and pestle and a masive amount of spices for Bob's Culinary delights along the way.
For those of you that may be joining us at some point on our trip and for anyone else who is interested our basic itinerary is as follows:

May: Belgium (Bruges), France(Paris, The Loire Valley, The Dordogne, Biarritz) , Spain (Pamplona, Madrid, Seville, the Villa Walker).

June: Spain ( Barcelona), South of France(Provence, Monaco) Northern Italy( The Lakes, Verona, The Dolomites), Slovenia, Croatia.

July: Montenegro, Albania, Greece (West coast down to Athens, East Coast to Macedonia), Maybe Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania(Transylvania), Maybe Moldova, Ukraine (Odesa)

August: Ukraine ( Crimea), Russia (Volgograd) , Kazakhastan(Atyrau, Aral Sea, Almaty)

September: China ( Sinkiang, Tibet)

October: China( Chengdu, Hong Kong, Kunming), Vietnam ( Hanoi, Ho Chi Min City)

November: Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

December: Indonesia, Australia


The Paranoid Mod said...

Are you there yet?!


Basquiat Scrawls said...

May i just point out that Tibet is an occupied territory and i think you'd do well not to consider it part of China. Hope all is going well so far, this is amanda by the way. x

SystemAbuser said...
some pictures of you two on there!

Nikki said...

Please make sure that you send pictures of Cambodia and then put me in your suticase and whisk me off to malaysia please xx

lady thinker said...

Have you not got any further yet then?? What's happened over the last 6 months?